Simple Solutions to National Problems — #Immigration

It seems that the country has one problem after another and crisis following crisis. Every #election year, all the #candidates are put forth solutions for all the ills that plague America. These include immigration, #foreignpolicy, the #environment, #defense, the #economy and #nationalsecurity, to name just a few. All these problems cry out for a solution. I recall seeing a sign when I worked in the #Pentagon that said, “Every problem can be solved if the solution is complex enough. Simple solutions to complex problem will not be tolerated.” Apparently, all the nation’s problems can be solved with a complex solution no one can understand, let alone implement. Now that I am older and slightly wiser, I realize that many of our national problems have a simple solution. It may be a hard and difficult solution but probably the correct one. I thought for my next few blogs I might tackle some of these problems and propose the “Simple Solution” — the gorilla in the room.

I’ll start with immigration and the related issues. Let’s face the facts. People want to come to the USA for a better life or escape prosecution in their country. Many try to cross the border from #Mexico. They come from #Central America, #SouthAmerica and from overseas. Spin off problems include the large influx of unaccompanied children, #amnesty for illegal aliens, undocumented workers, keeping our borders secure, drugs, crime, etc. Here is the simple solution; annex Central America. Make it a territory of the United States — problem solved.

The US should annex #CentralAmerica down to the Panama Canal. That would include Mexico, #Guatemala, #Honduras, #CostaRica, and half of #Panama. We would make it a territory like #Guam, #PuertoRico, and #Hollywood. Here’s the impact of that solution:

  1. All the people in Central America would be US citizens — no need to immigrate.
  2. The Panama Canal is a great barrier; no need to build a fence. We could fill the canal with sharks.
  3. It would probably mean more votes for the Democratic Party.
  4. The Panama Canal would be returned to the US – more income.
  5. More illegal drugs would be available at lower prices.
  6. No one would need a visa to take a vacation in Central America.
  7. People would then be able to eat real Mexican food.
  8. School kids would have to learn where Costa Rica is located.
  9. The NRA will be happy to learn that most of the people in Central America are already armed.
  10. The area is already named “America.”
  11. This action will put the Canadians on notice to clean up their act.

Give me a few days to solve all the other problems with a simple solution. More to come.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: To the humorously challenged, this is a satire.



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  1. Then we could raise the salaries of all of those Central Americans who have jobs and collect income tax. It’s the American way.

    Note: A lot of those workers in Mexico and the rest of Central America would be happy as clams with our minimum wage.


  2. Nice! Send it to Trump. He loves simple solutions. Oh, but wait–he hates people of color. Hmm. Never mind.


  3. Why didn’t I think of that!


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