Simple Solutions to International Problems – #Refugees Flooding #Europe

Donald #Trump made refugees a political issue when he proposed banning Muslims from entering the US. Other presidential candidates have weighed in on one side or another. The refugee crisis in Europe could be a blessing in disguise for the USA. Politicians think to be acceptable, a solution has to be complex. Not true. Sometimes the right solution is simple and maybe even counter intuitive or hard to implement. I addressed some of the issues on my blog — scroll down to read them. Now I will attempt to explain how the US can benefit from the refugee crisis in Europe. One word; mercenaries and spies. Okay, that’s three words. Sorry.

Using mercenaries is not new concept. Throughout history, governments have hired mercenaries to fight their battles. I’m sure you have heard of the Gurkha regiments of the British and Indian armies, and the French Foreign Legion. The Greeks often provided mercenaries, sometimes fighting each other on opposing armies. Of course you have heard of the Swiss Guards who guard the Pope in Vatican City. Indian, Germany and Polish mercenaries were used by the Americans, French and British in the American Revolutionary War. Later, American Native-Indians were employed as scouts in the West. More recently, Montagnard tribesmen were hired by the US Army in Vietnam and used as scouts (Kit Karson Scouts). Enough history.

If we aren’t doing so already, we should be culling the refugees for use as spies to infiltrate #ISIL. A large percentage of the refugees are from Syria, but they also come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, and Kosovo. We should also consider forming fighting units made up of refugees and commanded by US Army officers. We could hire them straight out as mercenaries or have them join the US Army. It makes sense. They know the language, the terrain and in some cases, they know the enemy.

Problem solved.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: To the humorously challenged, this is a satire — maybe.

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