10 Things Every College Student Should Do Before Graduation… Or not.

I read with interest a while ago an article by Peter Jacobs published in Business Insider. The title was, “10 Things Every College Student Needs To Do Before Graduation,” a bucket list of sorts. Even though it has been a long time since I graduated college, I don’t agree with Peter. When one considers that these students will be looking for jobs after graduation, I feel some of Peter’s bucket list might even be harmful. I posted Peter’s bucket list below, followed by my comments:

  1. Write an article for a campus publication. As innocent as this may seem, the subject matter is very important. Just before graduation might not be the best time for your article on how to cheat on your taxes and not be caught.
  2. Crash a party where you don’t know anyone and make a friend. Peter should clarify this. I don’t think a drinking party is the ideal party to crash. Try the Tea Party or the Democratic Party.
  3. Take a trip off campus and explore your surrounding area. No argument here. Just don’t get mugged.
  4. Take pride in where you go by showing off your school to a prospective student. Okay but show the academic stuff, not where to buy drugs or pick up dates.
  5. Go to a game against your school’s biggest rival and be the loudest voice in the stands. Sounds innocent enough, but stop and think; do you want your picture on YouTube for looking and acting outrageous before your interview for that job as a financial planner?
  6. Sit in on a lecture just because you are interested in the subject matter. Try to stay awake. Take along your friend from the party you crashed.
  7. Take advantage of the sunshine and spend your day drinking. Repeat at night. Ill-advised at best. Moderation in everything. Do not take selfies and post them to the internet while drinking. Do not drive while drinking.
  8. Attend an event from a friend’s culture and learn something about his or her background. This could be the friend you made at the party you crashed. Let’s hope he’s sober.
  9. Sing along to your alma mater whether you know the words or not. Here is a trick I learned as a leader in scouting where they sing many camping songs. Just keep mouthing the word “alligator.” It looks like you know the words. Of course, as long as you are attending a lecture, crashing a party, or attending a cultural event, why not learn the words to your alma mater? If you are going to take pride in the school you attend and be the loudest at a school sporting event, why would you not know your alma mater?
  10. See something that makes you angry? Protest it. Angry? Again, do you want a misdemeanor or felony on your record just before you start your job search? Perhaps you should sign up for that anger management class that your significant other suggested. Pick something relative. For example, if you plan to go into the law field, protest lawyer jokes.

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  1. very very funny!


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