What Most People Think About Themselves

Ben Franklin said all people want to appear reasonable. I agree with that statement, but it started me thinking (Actually, I have been thinking for a long time). It started me thinking about what most people think about themselves. I have come up with a short list.

Most people think:

  1. that they are above average intelligence.
  2. that they fairly good looking.
  3. that they are a “people person.”
  4. that they have a sense of humor.
  5. that they are open-minded.
  6. that they are a team player.

Most people think that they are above average intelligence. I guess they don’t know how an average is calculated.  We can’t ALL be average or above average. Well, I guess we can if we all have exactly the same level of intelligence – not possible. We’re evenly split between above or below average. That means half of us are below average intelligence.

Most people think that they are good looking. Studies show that one out of three people would be considered ugly (okay, I don’t know this for a fact). So look to your right and left. If you don’t see ugly, guess what?

Most people think that they are a “people person.” This bugs me. Not everyone can be a “people person”. Someone has to just be people – I think. I believe “people persons” are a rare breed. In my own experience, people who are self-proclaimed people persons aren’t. Being a people person isn’t a title you may bestow upon yourself. It’s granted to you by people who actually know you. However, most people want to be thought of as a people person. People persons aren’t your everyday, average individuals. They have a special talent for dealing with people, and that talent is they make people happy. That how you can identify real people persons; they are happy, their administrative assistants are happy, their bosses and subordinates are happy, and their customers are happy. They go out of their way to make people happy by volunteering in various programs to help people. People persons visits prisons, help the handicapped, visit the elderly, or help the poor in some manner. If a person claims to be a people person and the people around them aren’t happy and they do nothing to help other people, they are simply wanna be’s.

Most people like to think that they have a great sense of humor. They probable do have some sense of humor, but not a great sense of humor. I’ve been a teller of jokes for a long time, and I like to think I have a great sense of humor. My family probably disagrees. I have learned that most people’s sense of humor is rather thin. A sense of humor isn’t about telling jokes. Jokesters seek attention (myself included) and, to some extent, want to make people laugh. I’m not talking about that type of humor.

People have a great sense of humor when they can laugh at themselves. They see the humor in everything, even the darkest hour. They use humor to relieve tension and to defuse potential fights or arguments. They never take themselves too seriously.

Most people think that they are that they are open-minded. This is like many of the other lies we tell ourselves. People really want other people to think they’re open-minded. This isn’t a self-proclaimed talent. Actions speak louder than words. You’re open minded when you act open-minded: you’re tolerant of others, you listen to the opinions of others, you are receptiveness to new ideas, and value the knowledge of others.

Most people think that they are that they are a team player. You see this on resumes often. I think it’s a waste of space on a resume. I believe the only time anyone should say they’re a team player is when they are applying for a position in sports; coach, player, or manager. It should be assumed everyone is a team player until proven otherwise. In kindergarten, we would say, “Plays well with others.”

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