Life’s Lessons I Learned from my Greyhounds

I had two greyhounds, Prada and Groovy or maybe they had me. They taught me a great deal about life – lessons that apply to people as well. Sadly, Grove died in December. I miss her. Prada is getting old but otherwise seems healthy. She’s still teaching me how to live. Here’s what I’ve learned from my Greyhounds:

  1. They have taught me that the best love is unconditional. They never ask how much money I earn or how famous I am. They just love me the way I am and want me to love them. Pass it on.
  2. My greyhounds were always glad to see me no matter how long or short I’ve been gone. Prada’s still that way. We should treat each other the same way. She gets excited when I walk into the room. When is the last time you got excited when your significant other walked into the room?
  3. Prada and Groovy were always nice to each other and very affectionate — usually. They were very diffident in personality and temperament, but they tolerated each other. They didn’t carry grudges and they didn’t stay mad for very long. The world should learn how to do that.
  4. Greyhounds have boundaries. For example, Prada has her own bed and she hides treats there. If Groovy tried to lie down or steal a treat, Prada would clearly let her know to back off. People have boundaries too. We all have a favorite chair or coffee mug or desk. We should honor those boundaries: less drama that way.
  5. They looked out for each other. If one of them was injured and had to wear one of those neck collars to keep from licking the wound, the other one would lick it for her. People should do that; lick each other’s wounds. I don’t mean in a physical sense but mentally. It would help healing whatever hurts.
  6. All greyhounds like to be petted or stroked. Don’t we all? We should all stroked each other by saying something nice or complementing each other – often.
  7. Greyhounds don’t bark much. They can if there is danger or they want to warn us. Now days with all the social media, it seems people do a lot of excessive barking. We should learn to bark and complain less. All that excessive barking and complaining just creates tension and seldom solves anything. Give it a rest.
  8. Even as old as Prada is, she still likes to run and play. We should all exercise at whatever age. You are never too old to play.
  9. If I hurt their feelings, they would find a way to get even. They would find my shoe, a belt or a slipper and tear it up. People are the same way. If you hurt someone, they’ll get revenge when you least expect it so make amends.
  10. Sarcasm is wasted on pets and people. It is the cruelest form of humor and best left alone. I’m bad about this, but I try.
  11. Prada taught me to appreciate the simple things in life. She needs exercises and so do I, so I take her for walks. Actually, she takes me for a walk. She likes to stop and smell the roses. And the rocks. And the trees. And the flowers. The simple things in life. I’m a mission-oriented person and sometimes get annoyed at this behavior. I just want to finish the walk. I tell her, “It is just a rock, girl.” At the same time, I envy her. She has that rare ability to find simply, everyday things fascinating and interesting. She lives in the moment and enjoys every second of life. She’s like a child in that sense. We grownups have lost that fascination with the simple things of life and living in the moment. We’re so focused on the future that we’ve forgotten how to live in the movement.  I want to be like Prada. I want to be able to take her for a walk and say, “Wow! Look, Prada! A rock! How fascinating! Let’s stop and enjoy it.” I’m working on it.

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