Nudity TV Shows are the Trend

Nudity is now more accepted on TV than ever, according to an article from New York. New TV shows are using nudity to draw in viewers. The Dating Naked series is one example of the new trend. Then there’s Discovery’s Naked and Afraid and TLC’s real estate show, Buying Naked. Of course, the genitalia are blurred out, along with female breasts. Perhaps they should block out some male breasts. There’s also Naked Vegas, Skin Wars, and Naked Castaway.

I hate to complain but these aren’t the shows we, the American public, want to watch about naked people.

Here is my recommended list of the next shows that should be naked:

  1. Naked Dancing with the Stars. After all, the dancers are practically naked already. No big deal.
  2. Naked Ultimate Fighter or Mixed Martial Arts. Who wouldn’t enjoy a no-holds barred fight?
  3. Naked Political Debates. I think the voters are sick and tired of the endless debates between political opponents. They even debate about debating. We all want transparency, right? Let the candidates debate in the nude, revealing all.
  4. Naked Jeopardy. This show cold use a little spice. Let the contestants start fully dressed and then remove clothes for wrong answers.
  5. Strip Professional Poker. This is just simply strip poker. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I’m not one to buck a hot trend. From now on, I’ll blog naked, and I don’t mean the “naked truth.” People can read my blog and imagine the rest. Sorry, no pictures or videos. I’ll have to keep my blog short, because my nudity upsets my greyhound.

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