The 10 through 20 Things You Should Never, Ever Leave in the Car

I just read on my newsfeed an article from Reader’s Digest about the 9 Things You Should Never, Ever Leave in the Car. It mentioned medications, electronics, sunscreen, water bottles, handbags, glasses, important documents, passports and wine. Of course, as usual in these type of articles, they omitted several other things that you should never leave in a car. As a public service, I will list the number 10 through 20 things not to leave in a car:

  1. A child; not sure how they missed this one. Never leave a child in your car – they may drive off without you. Of course, there’s also the heat and cold.
  2. A pet; Just like a child. They might drive off without you.
  3. A hooker; It becomes difficult to explain to your significant other.
  4. Your lover’s underwear; especially if your lover isn’t your significant other.
  5. Marijuana/drugs; the heat in a car can cause marijuana to mold and drugs to go stale.
  6. The car keys; well, duh.
  7. The plans to your next heist; not cool when the police find the plans for your next job during a routine traffic stop.
  8. A dead body; not even in the trunk. The odor will smell up your car.
  9. Chicken salad; You’ll get sick if you do this.
  10. Your in-laws; I know it’s temping but don’t do it.

I don’t know how Reader’s Digest missed these important points, but there you go. Maybe you have some too. Let’s hear about them.

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