Oakland, CA Police Department Scandal

#Oakland #police officers are under investigation for allegedly having sex with an 18-year-old prostitute, the daughter of a police dispatcher (her parents must so be proud). The prostitute said she had sex with officers and that they routinely tipped her off to raids. The scandal involves more than just the Oakland PD. Here’s the latest list of boners:

  • 16 officers from the Oakland Police Department
  • 6 #Richmond police officers
  • 4 Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies
  • 3 #SanFrancisco cops
  • 1 Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy
  • 1 Livermore cop
  • 1 police officer from the U.S. Military’s Defense Logistics Agency

(Okay, I may have over used this, but this is the last time, I promise.) Paraphrasing the words of Captain Louis Renault (played by Claude Rains) in the movie #Casablanca, I am shocked, shocked to find police officers are having sex. The mayor has announced the departure of three chiefs in less than two weeks. I guess it’s hard to find a celibate police chief.

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