Angels and Gargoyles, Part 3

In 2012 I published a novella, Angels and Gargoyles and offered it for free. Since then it has been downloaded 1675 times. I thought I would post it on my blog a little at a time for your enjoyment. I’ll post it once or twice a week. If you would like a free copy, go to http:/ Here is Part 3. Enjoy.

The next day the two archangels suggested to St. Peter that the convention should be held on Pluto. Peter approved it. A week later they presented him their plans for the convention, and selected co-chairpersons for the two sub-committees. After much discussion and compromise, St. Peter approved their plans. St. Peter suggested that the co-chairpersons start planning and working together right away–months before the actual convention.

Michael selected an angel named One Million Three as co-chairperson of the computer sub-committee. God never found time to name all the angels so each one was called by the number in the order they were created. La Gorgouille selected a hard working grotesque named Garth to represent the gargoyles as co-chairperson.

One Million Three and Garth held their first meeting at the popular St. Joseph’s coffee house. Garth was punctual as all gargoyles are. He stood when he saw a beautiful angel enter five minutes late as all angels usually are. One Million Three saw him stand, and forced a smile as she sauntered over to his table.

“Are you Garth, the gargoyle who is supposed to help us learn computers?”

Garth stretched his body to his full height of four feet in a vain attempt to match her towering height of six feet. For the first time in his 1,600 years he felt self-conscious about his shortness.

“I am a grotesque actually, but you can call me a gargoyle if you wish,” said Garth, extending his gray hand as he had seen humans do.

Three stepped back from his outstretched hand, and stood with her hands folded at her waist. “My name is One Million Three, but you can call me Three.”

Garth had never met a real angel before. He felt awkward standing in front of one of God’s most beautiful creations. Three felt awkward too with a grotesque staring at her. She brushed her blond hair behind her ear. Her long curls covered her shoulders and surrounded large blue eyes set in chiseled features above a small nose and prefect teeth.

Garth always knew that he was not handsome but as a creature of the night that was never an issue before. Now in the light of day he realized how repulsive he really was. He withdrew his outstretched hand, placing both hands behind his back to hide the scars and yellow nails. He gestured for Three to sit down figuring that the table would help to hide his huge feet.

As Three sat down, Garth said, “Perhaps we should tell each other about our background before we start working together. That will help us to know each other better–our strengths and talents.”

“Very well, you go first.”

“As I said, I am a grotesque. I had several assignments in France over the centuries. My last position there was to protect Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. After that, I was sent to the Chrysler Building in Manhattan in 1930. When the building computerized, I learned all about computers. Now you!”

Three forced another smile, “I don’t have much to tell. I have always worked in the Guardian Angel Division.  My specialty is babies. I guess I may have had one hundred babies that I protected over the centuries. Now I am head of the baby department. Archangel Michael wants us to computerize our process of assigning angels, so I guess that is why I am here.”

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