Angels and Gargoyles, Part 5

“We should get to work,” said Three, trying to overlook his remarks. “What will these computers do for angels?”

“I don’t know yet. Why don’t you tell me how your Guardian Angel Division works, and I will try to figure it out.”

“Okay, that is a good start. Whenever someone needs a guardian angel to protect them, we assign one of our angels to that person. It is the guardian’s job to keep evil spirits away, and to prevent the person from being seriously injured.”

“How do you know when anyone needs a guardian angel?”

“They have to pray and ask for one.”

Garth thought about that for a few seconds. “What if they are too young to pray?”

“Oh, anyone can pray for them. If a mother or father, or even a friend asks for a guardian angel for someone, we answer that prayer.”

“How long does that take?”

“Once someone prays for a guardian angel, we can assign one instantly. That is why I don’t understand why we need computers. The system we have used for centuries has worked.”

“What if someone needs a guardian angel, but does not ask for one?”

“Garth, we cannot answer prayers that don’t exist. Someone has to ask to get an angel.”

“But what if they cannot pray or no one prays for a guardian?”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Why would anyone not pray for someone who really needs a guardian angel?”

“I was thinking about babies.”

“But Garth, that is my specialty. That is what I am talking about.”

“I mean babies like crack babies.”

Three was puzzled, “What’s a crack baby?”

“They are babies born to women addicted to crack cocaine. If the women have drugs in their system, their babies are born addicted and start going through withdrawal. Many of them die within a few days. Some of the mothers are too stoned to pray.”

“Why that is terrible! They must have someone who can pray for them.”

“No, Three, they don’t. That is my point. Many crack babies need guardian angels, and yet have no one to ask for one. Do you help them?

“No, I don’t think so. If no one asks, we don’t send one. How would we even know?”

“We might be able to fix that. Think about it! Every person that is born is one of God’s creations. It is called procreation; man and God working together to create life.  Therefore, somewhere in heaven is a file or a record of the birth that is instantly created. What if, when a child is born and a record of that birth started, an e-mail is sent to your division? That e-mail could tell you if that child needs a guardian angel, but has no one to pray for it.”

“Is that possible?”

“I don’t know. I was thinking aloud, but it may be possible.”

“Garth, I am having a hard time grasping the problem. Could you show me one of these crack babies?”

“Yes, I can arrange that. Actually, we gargoyles have been trying to help these crack babies. I have been going to a hospital in New York. The next time a crack baby is born, I’ll take you there.”

Three and Garth finished their coffee.

Three patted Garth’s hand. “Garth, I can see into your heart, and I see you are very nice, in spite of your appearance.”

Immediately, Garth’s skin darkened.

“Oh my! What just happened? Your skin got dark gray for a few seconds.”

Garth smiled, “You made me blush.”


“Yes. Your compliment embarrassed me so I blushed. It is a reaction. I cannot control it.”

“Oh. I never heard of that. Angels don’t blush. At least I don’t think they do.”

Garth laughed, “Angels have nothing to blush about.”

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