Angels and Gargoyles. Part 7

Garth felt helpless as he watched his friends battle the forces of evil. The centaur stood towering over Garth, daring him to attack. The centaur started grabbing whatever he could and throwing it at the incubator trying to knock it out of the Circle of Protection. Garth used his sword to deflect everything thrown, and held onto the incubator with his free hand.

Suddenly a blinding light from the doorway momentarily stopped the battle. In the doorway stood Three. The demons pulled back, cowering against the far wall trying desperately to reopen the Gate to Hell. Even the huge centaur stepped back.

“What is going on here?” Three demanded.

A breathless Garth yelled, “These demons are trying to steal this baby’s soul. Help us!”

From under her wing, Three withdrew a two handed sword. Garth had not noticed it before.

“She has a dopplehander,” shouted Griff.

Three raised the sword perpendicular to the floor in front of her body. With a jerk of her head she flipped her hair out of her face, and slid her front foot forward toward the centaur. She showed no expression: no anger, no hate, not even fear. Her expression was of someone focused on the job at hand.

The demons scrambled over each other to get far away from Three to escape her wrath. The centaur touched the wall with a hoof and a circle of fire that marked the gate to hell began to form, but not fast enough.

Three stepped forward, and as she did, she raised her sword and swung it down along her left side in a circular motion to gain speed and across her front, cutting open the centaur’s chest and slicing off one hoof. She then pivoted on her front foot, spinning around with the dopplehander cleaving demons and goblins in two. With another arc of the sword, several heads rolled across the floor. Demons screamed and hid behind each other as Three cut a path through them trying to reach the retreating centaur. Green blood began to cover the floor and walls.

As soon as the gate to hell opened, the centaur disappeared inside. The rest of the demons quickly followed. As the beaten demons retreated through hell’s gate their severed limbs, heads, and green blood turned into dust and blew into the gate. In a matter of seconds, the battle was over.

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