Beware of Touch Disease

I read with alarm an article from MacInside that #TouchDisease is spreading and is highly contagious. According to the article, at one location nearly 12% of iPhone 6 owners are suffering from Touch Disease. And it’s spreading rapidly. Apparently, there’s no cure. As near as I can tell (I didn’t read the whole article) the disease is spread from one cellphone to another much like a virus. Any time the fingers are involved, there is danger of catching the disease. It’s an addiction that’s tougher to break than smoking or blogging.

The symptoms are obvious. One symptom is the patients are observed to be texting, reading their cellphones, or talking on their cellphones while driving. According to one study done in 2011, 23% of all automobile collisions (1.3 million crashes) involved cellphones.

Another symptom is texting while walking. According to HealthDay News, researchers found that doing both at the same time affects posture and balance, causing people to swerve and walk slower, (like chewing gum and walking for some people). This can lead to accidents. I have seen people walking into crosswalks against the light, totally oblivious to their surroundings. In the advance stages of this disease, people have turned into zombies walking without direction or purpose other than to find good reception on their cellphone. At this point there is little hope for the patients. So sad.

A very alarming symptom using the cellphone while eating, in meeting or while engaged in some activity like a funeral. There is some concern that Hillary #Clinton is infected with Touch Disease. You, no doubt, have seen pictures of her using her cellphone during meetings.

One theory is that Touch Disease is a gateway disease that can lead to more serious diseases caused by biological alterations in the brain due to staring at a cellphone too long. It is believed that Touch Disease ultimately will lead to sexting. Rumor has it that’s what happened to Anthony #Weiner. Unfortunately, at this stage, there is no known cure.

There has been some limited success with patients who are willing to give up their cellphones. The success rate is very low, perhaps 2%. The best practice to keep from catching this disease is to stop using a cellphone all together especially while driving, walking or attending meetings. While eating, turn your cellphone off and engage in conversation (conversation means talking to other people using your voice). Doctors warn that addicts are never fully cured and can relapse at any time.

You have been warned.

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