I watched with interest the #NBC’s #Command-in-Chief Forum and noted the remarks made by #Trump about the intelligence briefing he recently received. He stated he read the “body language” of the intelligence officials and concluded they weren’t happy with President #Obama.  (Huh?) Now the media and some officials are casting doubt on Donald Trump’s claim that he could read “body language”. WTF? Researchers have been studying non-verbal communications since the 60’s and have published numerous books on the subject. What so hard about reading body language? Okay, maybe you didn’t read the books. As a public service I will list the tell-tale signs of body language. Here are the top 12:

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Holding up middle finger. This non-verbal gesture is often referred to as the “one finger salute.” In fact, it isn’t a salute at all and has no military heritage although it’s in common use in military rank and file. Sometimes the gesture is quite obvious as when directed toward someone but often it’s subtle and kept out of direct sight as was done by the POWs in North Vietnam.

MEANING: It’s a gesture of contempt, meaning “Fuck you.” Or “Fuck you and the white horse you rode in on.” Or “Go fuck yourself.”

2. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Picking nose. A gesture that that’s often misinterpreted. Sometimes it means the speaker has something up his/her nose that must come out immediately. It also could mean the speaker could care less what people think about it. It could be in response to something someone said, meaning, “Here, let me give you a bugger.”

MEANING:  When combined with the middle finger, it means, “Fuck you up the nose.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Protecting genitals or Grabbing genitals. The protecting of the genitals (usually males) during a briefing is a defensive gestures — sometimes involuntary — meaning, “Please don’t kick me in the balls for what I’m about to tell you. The grabbing of the genitals is usually a gesture for briefers who have failed to use the former gesture to protect themselves.

MEANING: “Please don’t hurt me.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Sticking out tongue. This is another gesture of contempt usually directed at an individual. The extreme form includes what is commonly called a “raspberry.” A raspberry is a sputtering noise by pressing the tongue and lips together.

MEANING: It can be used to express either real or faux contempt, mockery, displeasure or even disbelief.

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Stomping feet. This is a childish gesture used to express frustration or to get attention. A briefer might render this non-verbal gesture whenever the audience keeps interrupting as one of Trumps advisors did, or not paying attention.

MEANING: “That’s all I can stands because I can’t stands no more.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Mooning. This consists of dropping trousers and turning so the bare butt is exposed to the viewer. This is another gesture of contempt.

MEANING: “Kiss my ass.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Throwing up. This is an involuntary non-verbal sign. It could mean several different things. It might mean the briefer is sick (duh). It might also mean, “You make me sick.”

MEANING: “I’m sick. Stand back.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Spiting. Usually this gesture means contempt. However, sometimes it means the briefer is chewing tobacco and has to spit. In either case it is rude and unhealthy.

MEANING: “Don’t get to close.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Finger in ear. This gesture can be confusing. One the one hand it could mean the briefer has something in his/her ear. It might also mean, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

MEANING: When used in conjunction with the middle finger, it means, “Fuck you in the ear.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Thumb up butt. This gesture means the briefer is wait for further instructions before proceeding. Usually, the other thumb is in the mouth. The next command might be, “switch thumbs.”

MEANING: “Tell me what to do next.”

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Head up in ass. This gesture is very rare. While it is rumored to happen frequently, few people have ever actually observed it. A person would have to be a contortionist to pull it off.

MEANING: The briefer is stupid and doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.

  1. NON-VERBAL GESTURE: Throwing shoe. While rare, this gesture has happened. During an Iraqi press conference on December 14, 2008, an Iraqi journalist threw both of his shoes at President George W. #Bush.

MEANING: Extreme contempt meaning, “Here’s a shoe for the foot you put in your mouth.”

I hope these non-verbal clue will help you understand when people are talking to you. Good luck.

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  1. Thank you for that life altering communication guide.


  2. That’s for being a loyal follower. I appreciate it.


  3. Susan Crompe Frank September 12, 2016 — 12:58 pm

    Monte, I loved it. Made me laugh out loud.


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