Angels and Gargoyles. Part 12

In 2012 I published a novella, Angels and Gargoyles and offered it for free. Since then it has been downloaded 1675 times. I thought I would post it on my blog a little at a time for your enjoyment. I’ll post it once or twice a week. If you would like a free copy, go to http:/ Here is Part 12. Enjoy.

“Did you explain to her about S-E-X?”

“I know how to spell, guys. What do I need to know about sex? What does sex have to do with getting married and having babies?”

“Obviously, you did not tell her.”

“She is a million years older than me. I thought she knew.”

“Well, now you have got to tell her. You do know about sex, right?”

Garth hesitated before he answered, “No, not really.”

Peter stared at Garth in disbelief. Garth shifted in his chair. Finally he said, “I may have seen a video or two.”

Peter continued to stare as Garth continued to squirm.

“Okay, I may have watched a human couple in the Chrysler Building. They weren’t supposed to be there. It’s not like a hotel or anything. Anyway, it happened and I saw.”

“Finally, a moment of truth! Now you explain it to her.”

“I can’t.”

St. Peter shook his head. “And why not?”

Garth’s skin turned a darker shade of gray.

“Did you just blush?” asked a surprised Peter.

“I don’t know. I guess so. I can’t control it.”

“Yes, you blushed!” yelled an excited Three.

Peter said, “I don’t want to hear about it. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First of all you cannot become humans. Marriage is forbidden. I won’t allow it. So is sex for that matter. Therefore, no babies.”

Suddenly the door to St. Peter’s office opened and a small, elderly woman dressed in a white pants suit stepped in.

“Mother of God!” cried Peter as he dropped to his knees.

Three knelt down, pulling a startled Garth down on his knees next to her.

“Mother Mary, what brings you to my humble office?” asked Peter.

“I just heard and wanted to see for myself,” answered St. Mary. “Is this the couple? Of course it is. Just look at them–so in love! They just glow don’t they? I think it is wonderful. There is always room for more love in heaven.”

“They want to get married,” grumbled Peter.

“Yes! Yes!” cried Mary. “A splendid idea!”

“But there is no precedent for it, Mother Mary. It will undermine discipline.”

“Oh, nonsense. You can just make them human. That will work. I understand you brought these two love birds together. I never thought of you as being romantic. I will be sure to mention the splendid job you do to my Son. Keep up the good work.”

Mary march over to Three and laying hands on her, blessed her. Next she laid hands on her abdomen and blessed it. Garth stood up so Mary blessed the top of his head. She held his hands and turned his palms up to bless each one.

“As long as you are here, Mother Mary, perhaps you could help by explaining sex to Three.”

“Oh yes, sex; God’s greatest gift to mankind. You two will really enjoy sex.”

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