How Viewers Can Make the Presidential #Debates More Interesting

The presidential debates start on Monday. It’s expected to have a large number of viewers. However, debates tend to be boring. I had recommended that the candidates pose in the nude during the debates. That idea was rejected. Donald ##Trump has called for Hillary Clinton to disarm her Secret Service detail. I didn’t hear that he has done the same. That could make for an interesting debate. The dynamics would surely change. But disarming the body guards isn’t enough. Trump and Clinton should also remove any Kevlar body armor to include Kevlar suits, pants, jockey shorts, and bras. Trump should keep in mind that Clinton is a smaller target. Shooting politicians is an old America tradition. However, since those recommendations weren’t approved, I’ve come up with other ideas.

First, it will be necessary for viewers to gather in clusters to watch the debates – both Republicans and Democrats must be represented. If viewers from other parties are present, all the better, but they must chose a candidate to root for. Here are my suggestions on how viewers can enjoy the debates:

DRINKING GAMES. The first idea is a drinking game. Every time one of the candidates says certain words or does certain things, the viewers that support that candidate must take a drink of whatever beverage both side agree on. I recommend beer. The actions are when Trump pouts his lips, when Clinton coughs or when either one interrupts the moderator, Lester Holt from NBC. The words for both are: “skittles”, “Benghazi”, “tax returns”, “deplorables” and “health”. Please don’t drink and drive.

WORD COUNTING. The next suggestion is counting certain words to see how many times they are used by either candidate. The side with the highest count wins. The words must be agreed upon by all sides prior to the debate starting. Some suggested words are “emails” and “my opponent”.

OFFENSE VERUS DEFENSE. Whenever one of the candidates goes on the offense, the team that supports that candidate gets one point. At the end of the debates, the side with the highest number of points wins. A prize must be awarded.

I hope these ideas will make the debates more interesting.

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  1. Don’t miss the big Channel 4 Presidential debate from Lake Tahoe Monday Sept. 26, 2016.

    Candidate Ron Burgundy says the American voters are “Adorable”.


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