Trump May Lose Women Voters. Duh?

Another woman has come forward to admit that she plans to vote for Trump. That brings the total to 38 women who publicly admit they will vote for trump. Trump seems to be trying hard to alienate women voters. He likes to call people, especially women, “fat” and/or “ugly” or make comments about their looks and/or weight. Here is a partial list of things or people that Trump calls fat or ugly:

The stock market — “big, fat, ugly bubble.” Okay, he might know a thing or two about the stock market. Stock brokers are often depicted as fat and rich or fat and ugly.

Miss Universe, Alicia Machado — “a massive amount of weight.” Ay Dios Mio! WTF? The most beautiful woman in the universe? I bet any beauty contest is a lot like a wrestling match or box bout; contenders have to make their weight so they slim down to fighting weight. Later they can relax and put on a few pounds. Give me a break.

Rosie O’Donnell — a “fat pig” and has a “fat, ugly face.” She may be calorically challenged, but ugly — no way.

Jennifer Lopez — has a “fat a–” Ay Dios Mio! This is proof that Trump has failing eyesight. Maybe he has failing judgement also. I think it’s just his bigotry showing through.

Kim Kardashian — had “gotten a little large” I’m sure she laughed all the way to the bank.

An employee — He kept a “fat photo.” Probably a violation of the law.

An employee — “you like your candy.” Who doesn’t like candy?

Comment to a reporter — “everybody loves a fat guy.” Apparently, he doesn’t apply this to women. It’s a common phrase but falling out of use lately. Everyone doesn’t like a “calorically challenged” guy, especially a politician, somehow doesn’t sound right.

Chris Christie – Trump has joked about his size. If everybody loves a fat guy, why did Chris undergo lap-band stomach surgery in 2013?

Arianna Huffington — is “unattractive both inside and out!” Looks beautiful to me, but I’m an old guy; anyone younger than me looks attractive. I guess he used his x-ray vision to see inside her.

Carly Fiorina — “Look at that face!” Again, looks beautiful to me, but I’m an old guy; anyone younger than me… You know what I mean.

Gail Collins (NY Times columnist) – “the face of a dog!” Trump has now insulted dogs and dog owners. I have a dog, and I love her. I never saw a dog’s face I couldn’t love. The nick name of soldiers in the 3rd Infantry is “Dog Face Soldier.” I was one for three years. I resemble Trump’s remark.

Heidi Klum – “Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.” As Heidi might say, “Ach du liebe Zeit! “Du Schweinehund!” Once again, proof that Trump needs an eye exam. She’s an 11 if anything.

Megyn Kelly – “bimbo.” WTF? Once again, proof that Trump needs an eye exam.

Rand Paul – “Ugly.” Okay. Trump may have gotten this one right — just luck. It’s like a monkey at a typewriter — he’s bound to get one right if he keeps at it.

Bette Midler – “extremely unattractive woman.” I said it before, Trump needs an eye examination.

So in summary… Trump has alienated most if not all women, calorically challenged people (men and women), ugly people, dogs and their owners, Muslims, Latinos, and immigrates. If he loses the election, he’ll blame the microphone and the liberal media. We can only hope.

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