Trump Apologizes, Sort of for Sexist Remarks

Sorry that I didn’t blog on Friday. I had a doctor’s appointment in NYC that took up most of my time on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope this will make up for it.

Trump Apologizes, Sort of for Sexist Banter

Donald Trump bragged using sexist terms trying to have sex with a married woman. WTF? Say it ain’t so, Joe, I mean Donald. The conversation was recorded, audio and a partial video, from a hot microphone. He was talking to Billy Bush, co-host on Access Hollywood in 2005. On the recording, Trump talks about a failed attempt to seduce a married woman. When the news broke (now in 2016) Trump replied, “This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close,” Trump also said, “I apologize if anyone was offended.” He apologized! It’s hard to believe. I thought it was Trump policy to never apologize. Billy Bush has also apologized saying he was younger and less mature. Duh? Weren’t we all?

If anyone was offended? Was anyone offended? Yeah. When you’re running for President of the US, remarks like that offend half the population. Okay, to be fair, he wasn’t running for president at the time; it was 2005. Does anyone remember 2005? Apparently, some people do. No one was offended at the time. We all know that he has cleaned up his act since 2005 and his third marriage. Yeah, right.

The woman being spoken about has been identified as Nancy O’Dell, Billy Bush’s co-host. NBC has suspended poor Billy form the Today show saying, “there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape.”

Now I have spent a lot of time in locker rooms – I have a MS in PE – and I have heard a lot of “locker room banter.” This conversation was rather tame, actually mild for a men’s locker room.

There were seven other people on the bus with Trump and Bush at the time: the two-person camera crew, the bus driver, a producer, a production assistant, Trump’s security, and his PR person – all men. They were smart enough to keep their mouths shut. We can only guess that the PR guy was sleeping. I’m sure he was fired a long time ago.

Actually, the way Trump is treating Bill, I find it difficult to believe the two play much golf let alone shared exploits like this one. Maybe that’s why Trump is attacking Bill. Of course, unless Trump can produce another recording, it’s all hearsay. If Trump and Clinton were talking in the locker room, they were probably talking about golf. We hope. We want to hear what Bill Clinton said to Trump on the golf course. I suppose that Hillary does too. I’m sure she’ll ask, “Is it true?” And Bill will answer, “It was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.” Yeah, right he will. Or he might say, “Define ‘is.’” We can only hope.

The Republicans are all befuddled – like a dog chasing its tail. It’s hilarious or maybe Hillary-ious. The GOP never seems to have anyone in charge. Its members just do whatever they want. No leadership. They should be picking their candidates not letting the candidates pick the party. They’re afraid to kick Trump out of the party because he donated so much money. All the Democrats need to do is to walk down and kill the wounded. How will Hillary keep a straight face during the next debate w is as the Republican Party implodes? I’m watching as I write this. Trump is being Trump – not good. The GOP’s reaction to Trump isn’t a breakdown in leadership. There has to be a leader before there can be a breakdown in leadership. The GOP has learned the hard way that nominating someone whose only quality is that he or she might get elected will always backfire. It’s far better to nominate the best man for the job and campaign like hell.

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