President Trump’s 3rd Week Agenda

I obtained a copy of President Elect Trump’s agenda for his third week in office from a super-secret confidential source. If you missed his first two weeks’ agendas, scroll down. Here’s President Trump’s 3rd week agenda once he takes the oath of office:

1.      Send invoices to non-paying members of NATO and bomb the hell outa them if they don’t comply.

2.      Get rid of gun-free zones on schools and military bases.

3.      Cancel the nuclear deal with Iran, renegotiate the treaty and bomb the hell outa them if they don’t comply.

4.      Make it illegal for American companies to manufacture anything outside of America and bomb the hell outa them if they don’t comply.

5.      Get rid of Common Core. Make kids study the three Rs: Reading, Riting and Rithmetic.

6.      Deport U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel (who is trying the Trump University case) back to Mexico and Heidi Klum back to Germany.

7.      Debunk the global warming hoax.

8.      Legalize marijuana.

9.      Shut down New York Times.

10.   Rein in the Federal Reserve and fire chairwoman Janet L. Yellen.

This agenda should give us some insight on what to expect the third week of the new administration.

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