President Trump’s 4th Week Agenda

I obtained a copy of President Elect Trump’s agenda for his fourth week in office from a super-secret confidential source. If you missed his first three weeks’ agendas, scroll down. Here’s President Trump’s 4th week agenda once he takes the oath of office:

1.      Pay off the national debt.

2.      Balance the budget.

3.      Rescind the Obama Administration’s guidance that transgender students be treated with dignity and allowed to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

4.      Lay the first brick in the wall along Mexican border.

5.      Appoint Gary Sinise Secretary of Veteran Affairs.

6.      Replace Senator John McCain.

7.      Challenge ex-Vice President Joe Biden to a fight.

8.      Repeal Roe vs. Wade

9.      Write thank you note to FBI Director James Comey.

10.  Fire the cast of Hamilton.

11.  Change the locks on the doors to the press room and don’t let the press in.

This agenda should give us some insight on what to expect the fourth week of the new administration.

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