Discount for E-books for Veterans and Military Members During Salute Week

Feb 13 – 17 is the National Salute to Veteran Patients Program or “Salute Week.” The purpose of this week is to:

  • pay tribute and express appreciation to Veterans;
  • increase community awareness of the role of the VA medical center;
  • encourage citizens to visit hospitalized Veterans and to become involved as volunteers.

Nearly 100,000 veterans are cared for every day in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers, outpatient clinics, domiciliaries, and nursing homes.

During this week, I’m offering a 30% discount for my e-books for all veterans and active duty military members (or anyone). Here are short synopses of each e-book with a link if anyone would like to purchase one of more. Offer is good until February 19, 2017.

The Register Cliff Rapist. Jason Franco is an aspiring novelist working for a newspaper in a small town where nothing exciting happens until someone rapes and murders a young woman only 18 years old. The boyfriend confesses to the crime. Jason is assigned to write a follow-up story for the paper and soon suspects that the local police are covering up for one of their own. Jason’s life is soon on the line. Regular Price: $3.99 USD. Price during Salute Week: $2.79. Go to http:/ Use code CU67D (non-case sensitive).

The Clone Murders. The Clone Murders takes place in 2031 when the ability to clone people has been perfected, but it is very expensive. Five of the first clones are declared national treasures. Senator Morgan suspects foul play when one clones turns up dead from exposure to anthrax. He asks Cas Novak and Robbi Kelly to investigate, and they uncover a plot for mass destruction. Regular Price: $4.99 USD. Price during Salute Week: $3.49. Go to http:/ Use code CA95X (non-case sensitive).

Archimedes of Syracuse: Leonardo da Vinci’s Mentor. In 1499 Leonardo da Vinci is hired by Cesare Borgia as a military engineer. He begins to work on a steam canon that had originally been the idea of Archimedes 1800 years earlier. Leonardo tells Cesare the story of Archimedes and how he made many discoveries in mathematics and science. Regular Price: $3.99 USD. Price during Salute Week: $2.79. Go to http:/ Use code HL82M (non-case sensitive)

Angels and Gargoyles. Angels and Gargoyles is a novelette about a romance among heavenly hosts; a beauty and the beast love story. It tells how two of God’s workers, for unexplainable reasons, fall in love, much to the chagrin of St. Peter. They are the two most unlikely pair for romance to begin with, but they manage to overcome all the obstacles and even St. Peter’s objections so they can marry. This e-book is free. Go to http:/ for a free copy.

Here’s my personal salute for Veterans during Salute Week. I have taken the liberty (editorial license) to re-phrase the St. Crispin’s Day speech from William Shakespeare’s play, Henry V. (My apologies to Bill.) If you haven’t read it, check it out. It will resonate. It’s the speech that Henry V made to the English Army shortly before the Battle of Agincourt on the morning of 25 October 1415. That’s where the term, “band of brothers”, comes from. Here’s my twist on it:

This week is Salute Week. Those of us who came home will stand attention this week and salute all veterans, living or dead, who answered when their country called. Those who had no stomach for the fight decided not to answer and stayed home. We didn’t care to die in their company when they valued their lives more than fighting and dying with us. We, who survived, will strip our sleeves and show our scars each year during this day, and say, “These wounds I had in the service of my country.”  — Salute.

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