More Things You’re Doing That Really Annoy Your Boss

I saw this article on my news feed, “7 Things You’re Doing That Are Probably Annoying Your Boss” by Rachel Bowie. She listed: making everything an emergency, forgetting to loop her in, writing subject lines that are unclear, emailing at all hours of the night, being on g-chat constantly, needing constant reminding, and not showing enthusiasm. Without belaboring the point, I thought this wasn’t even close.

 Here are the real things that really annoy your boss:

1.      hitting on her (or him).

2.      showing excessive interest in the teenage intern.

3.      spending all morning cleaning your AK47 and talking to it.

4.      spending too much time coloring in a coloring book.

5.      talking to imaginary employees in the room and/or a “Little Me” sitting on a shoulder.

6.      using drugs in the work place.

7.      selling girl scout cookies at work all year long.

8.      stealing pens and paper from the office.

9.      trying to get your stupid brother hired

10.  Using the copy machine for pornographic pictures.

 If this isn’t bad enough, I’m sure you may others. Let’s hear them.

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