Simple Solutions to National Problems –  The War on Drugs

Let’s face facts; we have problems that need to be solved. Illegal drug use is one such problem. The War on Drugs has been a failure. Usually, the solutions put forth are so complex no one can understand them, let alone implement them. Politicians think to be acceptable, a solution must be complex. Not true. Sometimes the right solution is simple and maybe even counter intuitive or hard to implement. I will attempt to point out the obvious and simple solution.

The real solution is simple – if you can’t beat them, join them. Stop the War on Drugs and get with the program. The US government should get into the drug business. I propose that the government buy drugs and sell them. I don’t mean buy drug from #South American cartels; I mean buy directly from the farmers in South America. This would cut out the middle men: cartels, smugglers, drug pushers, etc. By cutting out the middle men, the price of drugs should be very low, affordable and profitable. Drugs should be sold at special stores called… wait for it… “drug stores.” People would be able to purchase as much drugs as they want, provided they sign a waiver to forgo any medical treatment for drugs additions. We allow drugs like alcohol and tobacco, and in some states marijuana, so why not allow all drugs?

Here’s the impact of that solution:

1. The price of illegal drugs would plummet.

2. The prison population will drop. Per the Bureau of Prisons, there are 207,847 people incarcerated in federal prisons — 48.6 percent are in for drug offenses. Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 1,358,875 people in state prisons — 16 percent have a drug crime as their most serious offense.

3. Many new and legal jobs will be created for tax paying citizens. In 2015, in legalizing   marijuana in Colorado, 18,000 new full-time jobs were created and more than $2.4 billion generated for the economic. Now consider the impact in 50 states and expanding to hard drugs.

4. Drug use may decrease. In Portugal, when all drugs became legal (over 10 years ago) there were fewer deaths by overdose and fewer cases of HIV.

5. The cartels, drug pushers, smugglers, etc. will be put out of business. Drug cartels earn $64.34 billion per year from their sales to users in the United States

6. The government will collect the profits instead of the cartels. The government would also tax all sales.

7. This will free up money formerly used for the War on Drugs.

8. This will also save money. The cost of illicit drug use in the US is $193 billion annually.

9. The quality of drugs would be improved as the government regulates the drug market.

 Drug problem solved.

 AUTHOR’S NOTE: To the humorously challenged, this is a satire.

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