15 More Jobs that are Dangerous

I read with interest an item on my news feed, “16 Jobs that are Surprisingly Dangerous.” It listed

building cleaner, nurse, landscaper, construction worker, truck driver, fisherman, garbage man, meat processing worker, farmer, shopkeeper, mining machine operator, teacher, vet, real estate agent, factory worker, and garage worker. Of course, it failed to mention many others. Here is my list of more dangerous jobs:

 1.      Drug Dealer; okay, not a legal job but someone has to do it.

2.      Bag man for the mob; another illegal job.

3.      Snitch, confidential informant or undercover agent for the FBI or police. Duh. This goes without saying.

4.      International spy

5.      Javelin catcher

6.      Mule for a Columbian Drug Cartel

7.      Alligator wrestler; sometimes the alligator wins.

8.      Snake charmer; cobras aren’t always charming.

9.      Test dummy for automobiles

10.  Food taster for Kim Jong-un of North Korea. It has its perks.

11.  Suicide bomber

12.  Body double for celebrities; why would anyone take a bullets for someone else.

13.  American professor in an exchange program at a university in North Korea; read the news.

14.  Tester for shark cages, parachutes and Tasers

15.  Politician; there’s an old American tradition of shooting our politicians. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy were assassinated in office. Other politicians killed or wounded include people like Gabrielle Giffords, Derwin Brown (Sheriff-elect of DeKalb County, Ga.), James E. Davis (New York City Councilman), Bill Gwatney (Chairman of Arkansas Democratic Party) John Thornton (Mayor of Washington Park, Ill.)
John Roll (2011) U.S. Federal Judge

 I recommend you avoid these jobs.

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