Not So Subtle Signs That You May Have Screwed Up

Here is a list of some of the indicators that you may have screwed something up:

1. Your pet gives you the silent treatment and won’t look at you.

2. Your mother unfriends you on Facebook.

3. You GPS tells you, “Get lost.”

4. Your boss starts calling you Mr. or Ms. plus your last name.

5. Your dad cuts you out of his will even though he doesn’t have anything.

6. Your kids send you an e-mail stating they found a sibling they never knew they had.

7. You wake up and you’re not sure what town you are in.

8. HR wants to talk to you about your secretary.

9. The sex video you made is no longer on your computer.

10. The IRS left a message on your voice mail.

11. Your lawyer won’t return your calls.

12. The CFO wants to talk with you about your business trip to Vegas.

13. Your boss now calls you “Stupid.”

14. Some guy named Slasher leaves a message that the Don wants to talk to you.

15. The FBI would like to talk to you.

16. When you come home, your house is covered with crime scene tape.

17. You find a group of reporters waiting for you when you arrive at work.

18. Your car explodes in the parking lot.

19. You realize that you are being followed by a drone.

20. All your credit cards are declined.

21. All your clothes are on the front lawn when you come home.

22. A SWAT team crashes down your front door.

23. A TSA agent makes an urgent telephone call when he sees your airline ticket.

24. A police cruiser pulls you over while you’re still parked in the parking lot.

25. You find a package of white powder in your briefcase.

These less than subtle signs should tell you that there is trouble brewing ahead.

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