More Tips for Job Interviews – Body Language

I read with interest an article on my news feed by Jacob Passy in Market Watch titled “Job applicants are ruining their chances by doing this during the interview.” The article referred to body language and stated: make eye contact and don’t glaze over, be relaxed but don’t get too laid back, read the mood of the room and interviewer, just be yourself and wear something familiar. Of course, there are probably a dozen more things to remember about body language. Here are some more tips:


  1. Don’t render the Nazi salute. The same goes for fancy handshakes like the hand jive, high fives and Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts/Girl Scouts secret handshakes.
  2. Don’t push on the pull door. As you approach a door, determine if it is a push or pull door and act accordingly. It’s a test of your intelligence.
  3. Don’t pick your nose. It might be okay around your family but some interviewers might be offended. Remember, it ain’t what you pick, it’s what you do with it.
  4. Don’t throw your leg over the armrest of the chair. That goes for you men also. The same goes for lighting up a cigar or putting your feet up on the interviewer’s desk.
  5. You should wear an interview suit or dress but forget the old suicide bomber vest that wasn’t used.
  6. Do not talk to your imaginary friend. Wait until you get home.
  7. It’s always difficult to know what to do with restless hands. One technique is to hold something like a note book or pad. Holding a coloring book isn’t a good idea. It speaks volume about you.
  8. Avoid wearing fraternity/sorority pins or rings. If your fraternity or sorority hasn’t been in the news recently for some stupid stunt, it will be.
  9. Do not wear badges, tie tacks, cuff links or belt buckles made from bullets unless you’re applying for a position with the NRA.
  10. Winking at the interviewer usually is frowned upon.

I hope these tips about body language help you land a good position.

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