Another Excerpt from my WIP (27)

The following is another excerpt from my work in progress, The Throuple Private Eye—Business is Booming, a Jen McDowell Series. This is the second draft. I’m at 51k words now. If you want to catch up, order the novella The Throuple Private Eye—Hate Crimes, on Amazon ($2.99). The link is Enjoy.

CHAPTER 15 (Cont.)

“Yes,” Ana answered. “back in 2014. Anyway, Olive took the baby and came here to Atlanta. The police in Houston, Texas and Georgia tried to find Olive and the baby, but they were too late. Before they could, she killed herself. There was no sign of the baby.”

“There were no clues on what she did with the baby?” Molly asked.

“No, none. She left a note saying she was sorry. The police did find $10,000 in cash too. They think she sold the baby. Might be sex traffickers.”

“So, it became a cold case?” Jen asked.

“Yes, but I have been looking for my granddaughter ever since, and come hell or high water, I won’t give up. I’ve contacted the Texas police, the Georgia police and all the police in between. I finally decided to hire a private eye here in Georgia. I think the baby’s here in Atlanta. The police pulled up videos between Texas and here but were pretty sure she arrived here with the baby alive.”

“What was the baby’s name?” Jen asked.

“Bless your heart,” Anna replied. “Her name was Kidist–an African name. Here’s a picture of her right after she was born, not that it’ll do you much good. She’s six now. But there’s this.” Anna leaned forward and pointed at the photograph. “She has a birthmark on her left hand. It’s in the shape of a teardrop. Of course, by now it’s bigger.”

“Okay,” Molly said. “We’ll take the case. We need to discuss our fee.”

“No problem. My husband had done well and left me a nice sum from his life insurance. Which reminds me, there is a reward. People have been so generous over the years, bless their hearts.”

“How much?” Molly asked.

“$10,000,” Anna answered. After discussing the fee and signing a contract, Anna left.

“Let me have this case,” Molly suggested. “I don’t have anything at the time. I promise to keep Anna from going to jail. Seems like a nice lady.” Jen agreed.

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