More Indicators that Tell Women the Relationship is Over

I read with interest an article by Latoya Gayle in the DailyMail Oct 27. She wrote, “Women-reveal-moment-knew-relationship-over”. She posted comments from women like these: Women being told to ‘shush’ during labour, one woman said her husband refused to end his four-year emotional affair, another said her marriage ended because her husband got her friend pregnant.

As usual, this list usually omits some major issues. Here are more reasons women know when the relationship is over:

  1. He doesn’t cook meth together anymore.
  2. He won’t provide an alibi when questioned by the police.
  3. He refuses to remember her safe word.
  4. He unfriends her on Face Book.
  5. He doesn’t remember her first name.
  6. He says he won’t pimp for her anymore.
  7. He doesn’t wear her underwear anymore.
  8. He won’t honor the restraining orders against each him.
  9. He won’t leave the key to the handcuffs within easy reach.
  10. He brings strange women home.

Whenever any of these indicators occur, women know the relationship is over.

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