Another Excerpt from my WIP (30)

The following is another excerpt from my work in progress, The Throuple Private Eye—Business is Booming, a Jen McDowell Series. This is the second draft. I’m at 55k words now. I’ve decided to restructure my chapters and manuscript. I also want to change the name. I’m thinking of “Jen McDowell—Private Eye”.  If you want to catch up, order the novella The Throuple Private Eye—Hate Crimes, on Amazon ($2.99). The link is Enjoy.


Two days later, Jonah called. “I hate when you call me from work,” Jen said. “It’s never good news.”

“This might be considered good news even though it’s bad,” Jonah said.

“You’re no making any sense.”

“Another body has been found. An Asian female. It’s not as old as the others; maybe a year or less. We don’t have the autopsy report yet. Looks like she was strangled. We checked the DNA and it’s Biyu.”

“Are you positive?” Jen asked in disbelief. It had been so long.

“It’s a positive ID. The DNA you sent us matched 100%. It’s here. Been dead about a year. Strangled, like the others.”

“No shit?” Jen shouted. “We got him. Has Richardson been arrested yet?”

“Not yet. It’s the FBI’s case. I think they’ll pick him up later today. They need a warrant.”

“They’re in the process of get the arrest warrant. They should take him into custody some time tonight. If he follows his usual pattern, he’ll be with his real family.”

“What about Charlize Wessel? She provided the first lead.”

“I know, Malcolm answered. “We’ll work out a deal–no jail time. You can tell her as soon as we make the arrest.”

“Where did you find the body?” Jen asked.

“A woman was planting a garden and dug up a large plastic bag. It had the body.”

Jen thought for a moment. “Check and see who the real estate agent on that property was. Richardson was a real estate agent. I’ll bet he buried bodies on properties that were empty at the time. He had access.”

“Good tip, Jen. I’ll let the FBI know. Good work.” Jonah hung up.

Jen decided to celebrate with a special cup of coffee. She gave up alcohol when she learned she had PTSD. In the middle of making the coffee, it hit her. Chang Ying might be in danger. In the time it took to finally find evidence on Richardson, he had married Chang Ying. Jen called Jonah to tell him to protect Chang Ying.

“Jonah, Chang Ying married Richardson,” Jen half shout into her cellphone. “She’s in danger. We have to warn her.”

“Don’t call her,” Jonah said. “It might tip off Richardson. We’ll try to get there as soon as we can, but it might take some time. We still need a warrant.”

“Oh damn, I’m on my way to her place.”  Jen shouted and hung up on Jonah. She immediately grabbed her purse, her car keys and the complete file on Richardson and headed toward the door. She stopped in her tracks and retraced her step. She took out her pistol from her desk. Jen called Chang Ying from her car. She didn’t want to sneak in through the garage as she had in the past. She wanted Chang Ying to let her in. She went over various ways to break the news to Chang Ying that her new husband was a murderer and maybe a serial killer. She couldn’t decide on a good way to do it, so she decided to take it slow.

When Chang Ying answered the door, Jen asked, “Is your husband home?”

“No,” she answered. I don’t expect him until Friday. Come in.” The apartment smelled like incense. Chang Ying made tea and brought out some English cookies. Now what can I do for you, Jen. You said it was urgent. By the way, did you ever find your cat?”

Jen smiled. “Chang Ying, this not going to be a friendly visit and I’m pressed for time. I’m not who I said I was. My real name is Jen McDowell. I’m a private investigator. For several months I’ve been investigation your husband.”

Chang Ying was shocked. “What? Why? What for?”

Jen reminded herself to go slow. “Your husband is also not who you think he is.” Jen opened her file. “His real name is Richardson. He has another family on the other side of town. He stays with them Monday through Thursday and come here Fridays through the weekend.” Jen showed Chang Ying the pictures of Richardson’s other family. Chang Ying fell silent as she looked over the pictures. “Before you, he was also married to this person.” Jen showed her the picture of Biyu. “A few days ago, the police recovered her body. She had been dead for nearly a year. They think he killed her.”

Chang Ying began to cry. Jen waited for her to calm down before going on. “We think he marries Asian women like you and then after a while he kills them. He’s a psychopath.”

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